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In the year of our lord 1743, shackled by grinding poverty Rosie desperately yearns for more from life.
On the crest of adulthood, she is swept from all that she knows and is sent to toil in her Aunties wicked tavern in sordid London. Her life seems to be a series of frightening downward spirals and she is discovering some of the nasty truths about the nature of men and there are some things she is yet to discover about herself.

Dark, mysterious and alarmingly dangerous, Blake an underworld rake is drawn by her innocence.; However he has a sinister and secret life; A Highwayman Prowling the highways by night he has no time for any woman.

But Rosie is much more than 'any' woman and the captivating mixture of her strength, innocence, and determination to find better may shatter his resolve.

  Historical romance Writer

         copywrite 2012 tanyaKaley

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